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Show #10 | 3/16/2006

Jean Paul Boodhoo on Test Driven Development Part 1 of 2

Jean Paul Boodhoo gets real with TDD in this the first ofa two-part series on TDD. Instead of showing simple brain-dead samples, JP uses a Model-View-Presenter solution to populate a drop-down listbox on a web page. This is a really great way to get into the discipline of TDD.

Jean Paul Boodhoo Jean-Paul S. Boodhoo is a "Software Artist" for Develop With Passion who works mostly out of his home office, consulting with clients in various problem domains using a wide-array of tools, technologies, languages, and platforms. Along with consulting, he also loves to run programming courses that push the limits of nearly all who take the time to attend. When not coding up a storm, he enjoys being able to relax with his wife and four beautiful kids.

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