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Show #50 | 1/18/2007

Joe Stagner on ASP.NET AJAX Part 2 of 2

Joe is back to show us more of ASP.NET AJAX including user defined types, scripting model extension demos and the Microsoft AJAX Control Toolkit.

Joe Stagner Joe Stagner joined Microsoft in 2001 as a Technical Evangelist and is now a Developer Community Champion with the Microsoft MSDN Team. Joe brings more than 25 years of diverse Information Technology and Software Engineering experience to Microsoft including everything from several startups and venture capital funded companies to writing low level device drivers and serving as President & CEO of a publicly traded New York City consulting firm.

Joe's development experiences have allowed him to create commercial software applications across a wide diversity of technical platforms from Mainframes through UNIX and Linux, to Microsoft technologies on the Intel and Mobile computing platforms. While Joe is generally interested in all computing technology, in recent years he has been particularly focused on Highly Performant Geoscalable Web application architectures, multi-platform interoperability, and Writing Secure Code.

In addition to Joe's regularly scheduled MSDN Events (www.MSDNEvents.com) and Microsoft Web casts, Joe is a regular speaker at developer events like TechEd, The Microsoft Global Briefing, Microsoft Developer Summit, Dev Days, Web Services Edge, etc, as well as user groups throughout the American North East.

Joe can be contacted at www.ManagedCode.com or though his blog at http://blogs.MSDN.com/JoeStagner

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Links from the Show

Joe's Blog
Joe's "How Do I" Videos for ASP.NET AJAX Controls
Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit
Demo Code

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